SON’s Tottenham, second long-term leaver…22-year-old winger undergoes groin surgery

 Brian Hill on the operating table.

Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son’s teammate Brian Hill underwent surgery for a groin injury. A long-term departure of at least two months is expected.

The 22-year-old winger from Spain was a promising prospect during his days at Sevilla. He participated in the Tokyo Olympics and also won a silver medal. Tottenham brought him for a transfer fee of 25 million euros in 2021. His potential was highly appreciated.

However, Hill did not get a chance at Tottenham, where there were many talented veterans on the side, including Son Heung-min. He left on loan to Valencia from January to June last year. In the second half of last season, he gained experience while renting from his parent Sevilla. He played for Sevilla and helped them win the Europa League. He played 24 games for Sevilla for 6 months, scoring 2 goals and 3 assists, and also started the Europa League final.스포츠토토

So he returned to Tottenham. Angie Postecoglu was aiming for a new leap forward under the new coach system. However, he was hampered by an injury.

Hill was ruled out of the Asia-Pacific tour due to a back injury. To make matters worse, news came out that he would be on the operating table due to a groin problem. Tottenham has officially announced that Hill has undergone surgery. Spanish media ‘Marca’ claimed that Hill would be out for about two months.

Tottenham said “Hill has undergone surgery and he will be closely monitored by the medical team going forward to determine when he can return to training.”

Tottenham’s Ryan Sessegnon was on the operating table last month with a hamstring injury, and Hill became the second player to undergo surgery.

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