Lee Chan-sol of Seoul High School, whose dreams are of different sizes, “Please wait for that day to stand on the mound at Boston Fanway Park.”

Clearly, in the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft, the first round nomination was a strong player. However, the size of the dream was different for him. The United States, the land of opportunity and the land of the jungle, further stimulated Lee’s sense of challenge. Seoul High School pitcher Lee Chan-sol, wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform, is the main character with different dreams.꽁머니사이트

Lee Chan-sol appeared in 11 official competitions (20 innings) in 2023 and recorded 3 losses, an average ERA of 6.30, 31 strikeouts and 19 strikeouts, a WHIP of 1.75. On the surface, it was a somewhat disappointing start, but there was no question about Lee Chan-sol’s pitch itself. Lee Chan-sol was evaluated as a real resource that can practically use fastballs in the mid-150km/h range, not the so-called bouncy restraint.

Lee Chan-sol decided to challenge the major leagues, where he had to fight against numerous international prospects, rather than advance into the KBO league, which had a certain way to go. The Boston Red Sox highly evaluated Lee Chan-sol’s potential and moved quickly to sign the contract. Lee Chan-sol, who personally toured the Boston breeding facility located in Florida, USA, expressed that she has no regrets about the decision to make the US Sea. MK Sports directly listened to Lee Chan-sol’s mindset of different dreams.

It must have been a difficult decision to choose the major league challenge first, but what motivated you?

I hadn’t thought about going to the US from the beginning. After the Golden Lion Tournament, a scout from the Boston club suddenly came to the school and conveyed the intention of the contract. From then on, I seriously thought about moving to the US. I had mixed feelings about half of it, but people around me kept recommending going to America. I decided that it would be better for me to grow up in the US rather than Korea.

What kind of growth roadmap did the Boston club present?

A club scout told me that he showed strengths in his athletic ability and pitching mechanism. He heard that this year’s club measurement record reached the highest speed of 156 km / h. He said that throwing a splitter with a fastball would be a really good fit. Now, if you join the rookie league, you will receive a more precise direction while digesting database measurement training.

I heard that you went to the US and toured the training facility.

Even though it is a rookie league facility, it was so great that I wondered if there was a better facility than this. It was the best environment to exercise and grow as a baseball player. I was grateful to the officials, coaches, and players who were already there for treating me kindly. I felt that I could adapt faster than I thought.

Now, in the minor leagues, there is a saying that ‘bread soaked in tears’ is a thing of the past. They say they manage their diet systematically.

When I went to America, I always ate breakfast and lunch at the club cafeteria. A menu with main dishes such as meat or fish is served alternately between American and South American styles. Basically, there are about 8 menus like that, and the salad and fruit on the side are really good. If I ate too well, I felt like I was going to gain weight (laughs).

It seems that the parents’ decision to send their son to the United States alone was not easy.

My father supported my major league challenge more. My mother was also right with my choice, but she knew that she just wanted me to stay in Korea. I think he was worried about going to America alone. I said that it would be okay because I just had to come back to Korea after the rookie league season was over and build up my body.

Communication through English is important, but are you learning English conversation as well?

I once went to school in the US for about 3 months. I had the experience at that time and the English I learned at school, so I felt like I could communicate with them to some extent. Now, when I go to the United States, I am going to learn step by step that they will give me English tutoring and an interpreter.

I need to get help from seniors who went to America first.

(Choi) Hyeon-il, a senior at school, contacted her older brother and asked her about various things related to life in the United States. I guess it won’t be easy to meet because I’ll be mostly in Florida. Still, I know that Shim Jun-seok is in Florida, and Jang Hyun-seok can also come here, so wouldn’t it be fun if we stayed close to each other? It seems like they can help each other and feel a sense of rivalry.

You must feel the pride of being part of a prestigious team called the Boston Red Sox.

The club atmosphere itself felt very special. Both officials and players seemed to have a lot of pride in the team. So I could see that he paid more attention to the internal team atmosphere, behavior, and rules. I haven’t been to Fanway Park this time, but I really want to go next time.

Just imagining standing on the mound at Fanway Park, Boston’s home stadium, gives you goosebumps.

I really wonder if I will just look at that and exercise with an earnest heart. Recently, it is said that there are often cases where you are promoted directly from Double-A to the major leagues. My goal is to step on the major league stage within 3-4 years if I am lucky, or within 5 years if I am lucky.

Playing against Darvish (San Diego) and Ohtani (LA Angels), who are said to be role models, at Fanway Park would be a match of dreams.

(With a daunting expression) Will that day ever come? I hope to have a confrontation like that at least once in my life. In particular, Darvish is really a role model and an idol. I really want to see your face at the baseball field.

I heard that you received a lot of help from people around you during the contract process. Let’s say thank you.

First of all, the contract process was very complicated, but I am grateful to Park Hee-jin, team leader of Brion Company, who helped me well in that area. I am also grateful to the middle school baseball team teacher and Seoul High School coach Yoo Jung-min who convinced me to take on the major league challenge. Most of all, thanks to my parents who have supported me so far, I think I made a choice that I will not regret. Thank you to the many people who helped out around me.

My classmates must have reacted with envy.

Even after hearing such words, it is still difficult to say that it is a truly enviable choice. Only the way he goes is different from other friends, but he is just a rookie starting on the professional stage. In the end, I have to succeed on that stage to make an enviable choice. I want to show good results so that you don’t hear that it’s a wrong choice.

Along with his school friend Jeon Jun-pyo, he was evaluated as a one-two punch in the team. If you want to send a cheering message to Jeon Jun-pyo.

(Former) Jun-pyo is a friend who knows how to throw all 4 pitches with strikes because he has an excellent command of breaking pitches. He also has a fast speed, so he is good at controlling hitters by adjusting the pace. He’s a really good thrower so he believes he could be a first round pick in the rookie of the year. There is no doubt that he is a pitcher who can do really well on the professional stage. I hope that the day will come when we can meet each other in the WBC national team later.

Lastly, what message would you like to give to baseball fans who support Lee Chan-sol wearing a Boston uniform?

I think it takes a long time to prepare to stand on the mound in the major leagues. I don’t know how much time I will need, but I want to say that I will do my best to debut on the major league mound without losing my original intention. I hope you will wait until the day you stand on the mound at Fanway Park and throw the ball. I will definitely grow into a pitcher representing Korean baseball at the Boston team.

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