Even though he left, coach Park Hang-seo, still the ‘godfather’ of Vietnamese football, opened an international soccer school in Hanoi.

Former Vietnam national soccer team coach Park Hang-seo opened an international soccer academy in Hanoi to nurture young Vietnamese soccer players.

According to Vietnamese English-language media <Vietnam Express>, coach Park is known to have opened an academy to recruit and train elementary school players in the Khao Gioi district of Hanoi. Coach Park plans to invite Korean coaches who have an international standard training curriculum to train young players.

“After years of dedication to Vietnamese football, I am delighted to be able to establish this academy to train young players and elevate them to a higher level,” said Park. <Vietnam Express> said that coach Park will invest in the development of Vietnamese youth football in the future.안전놀이터

Coach Ba, who achieved remarkable achievements throughout his tenure and became one of the best managers in the history of Vietnamese football, is still contributing to the development of Vietnamese football through various routes, including investment in youth football, even after laying down the baton. This draws attention in that it is very similar to Guus Hiddink, who coach Park assisted in the past, tried to contribute to the Korean soccer world even after leaving Korea.

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