‘Gangwon Haulan’ Park Sang-hyeok’s Halan ceremony, the ‘reason’ he revealed himself

Young striker Park Sang-hyeok (21), who scored the most goals (4 goals) in Gangwon FC, the lowest scoring team in the K-League 1 this season, is known as Elling Hollan within the team. This is because Hollan, a tall striker who scores with various plays from any position, is a role model.

Park Sang-hyeok scored the opening goal in the 37th minute of the second half in an away match against Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Jeju United held at 7:30 pm on the 6th at Jeju World Cup Stadium. He received a pass from Kim Jin-ho inside the box and scored a goal like gold with his left foot even in a situation where it was difficult to balance. However, Gangwon gave up an equalizer from a penalty kick in extra time in the second half, ending in a heartbreaking draw.

With this, Gangwon was one point behind Suwon Samsung in 11th place and could not get out of the bottom. And since the 10th round victory against Jeonbuk Hyundai on April 29th, they have not been able to sound the score for the 15th game.

After the game, I met Park Sang-hyeok in the Mixed Zone. He tasted a goal like sweet rain in a drought, but his expression was not bright because the team did not win. Park Sang-hyeok said, “I don’t feel any sense of personal satisfaction at all. It’s an opponent we should have caught today, and each match and match is precious, but it’s too bad we couldn’t keep one goal. Many fans came…” did it

On this day, Park Sang-hyeok showed Holan’s Buddha ceremony after scoring. Because he was his own role model. He gave detailed reasons. Park Sang-hyeok said, “Halan is a player who scores a lot of goals. I’ve been looking for a lot of scoring scenes and movement videos.” “The hyungs said, ‘If you score a goal this time, try a Halan ceremony’, but I thought of that after scoring a goal,” he said. said He added that “everyone on the team knows” about studying and studying Halan’s play.안전놀이터

Gangwon has yet to win after the appointment of coach Yoon Jeong-hwan, but the content of the game has changed a lot. The defense-oriented game operation has become more aggressive and active. The players’ sense of defeat has also changed a lot to confidence. Regarding this, Park Sang-hyeok said, “Today, we played for the first time with a four-back. There are some deficiencies in defense and offense, but we tried to solve it by talking a lot calmly and stably, starting with the goalkeeper.” I think the players should catch well and prepare well for the next game.”

In 2021, his debut season, Park Sang-hyuk played 16 games and showed potential, but last season he only played 4 games. But he has already played 21 matches this season, scoring 4 goals. He is the team’s number one scorer. Even after taking over as head coach Yoon Jeong-hwan, he is active in the forefront, going back and forth between selection and replacement. He said, “It’s not the time to cover the first and second half, but luckily it seems that the chance comes in the second half. It should be said that the ball comes if you are there like a little magic. And, according to the data, there are more chances mysteriously in the second half. But in the first half, the best I do my best and always do my best.”

However, he seemed to feel a great responsibility as a striker as the team finished with the lowest score in the league. Regarding this, he replied, “There is definitely a decisive chance in every game. Even in training, when the players have a chance, I try to make a good impact one by one and lead it to a goal. I will work harder in the future to get good results.”

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