‘I won’t send Kepa on loan without a substitute’… Discussing the recruitment of the legendary son

Chelsea are taking the position that they will carefully decide on the loan of Kepa Arrizabalaga.

The British media’Guardian’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that “Chelsea will allow Kepa’s loan transfer after securing a replacement.”

Chelsea’s goalkeeper position has undergone major changes this summer. Edouard Mendy, who played an active role until last season, made a surprise transfer to Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli in June.

It wasn’t a big deal. On the 5th, Chelsea neatly filled Mendy’s void by signing goalkeeper Roberto Sanchez, who had a lot of bones in the Premier League.

It was expected that Sanchez and Kepa would compete this season. Newcomer Sanchez’s rise to the starting lineup was weighed on, but Kepa seemed to have a chance too.

The situation changed rapidly. Real Madrid suddenly jumped into the signing of Kepa. They had no choice but to hurry up the recruitment as their main goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, left due to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

The recruitment process was swift. Transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said, “Chelsea and Real have agreed to lease Kepa for one season.”

The team that put the brakes on was Chelsea. According to this report, Chelsea are said to be concerned about not having a backup goalkeeper to support Sanchez if Kepa leaves.스포츠토토

That would also be the case with Chelsea, who was only 20 years old as a backup goalkeeper in the first round of the English Premier League in the 2023/2024 season against Liverpool, which was previously held.

Kasper Schmeichel (36, Nice) was mentioned as a potential recruitment candidate. Schmeichel, who has accumulated extensive premiership experience with Manchester City and Leicester City, is evaluated as having no shortage of backups.

The media said, “Chelsea has targeted Schmeichel as Sanchez’s backup.”

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