Left-handed AVG .490, August .391 Extreme KIA captain, vacancy is too big

The vacancy of the captain’s batting is too large. 

KIA drew an upward curve in the second half, but took a step back with 1 win and 3 losses last week. It seemed to change to a surplus, but it turned back to a deficit. The 50% win rate is tough. They are unable to move in 6th place when they are about to advance to the top 5. Rather, they are behind Lotte by 1.5 games. The biggest change was the vacancy of captain Kim Sun-bin. 

Kim Sun-bin led the batting line with a .300 batting average in April and May. However, he only paid 20 300 ri in June and 200 300 1 ri in July, and his strength was drained. He fractured the thumb of his right hand while handling a batted ball while fielding and was sidelined for 20 days. He was expected to leave for a considerable period of time, but he recovered quickly and returned early to join the lineup. 

He seldom caught fire with the bat, but rebounded in August. He went 9-for-23 (two doubles) with a batting average of 3.9 with 1 run and 7 RBIs in 6 games. In the 6th batting order, the track and field trio of Park Chan-ho, Choi Won-jun, and Kim Do-young, and the clean-up trio of Na Seong-beom, Choi Hyung-woo and Socrates contributed to the big innings by making good use of the chances. 

However, due to a sudden hamstring injury, he left the front line on the 8th. When Kim Seon-bin fell out of the 6th batting order, his lower batting line became a deflated balloon. The other line also had poor connectivity. He won by scoring 13 points on the 12th, but scored only 2 points (against LG on the 9th), 1 point (against Lotte on the 11th) and 1 point (against Lotte on the 13th) in the remaining 3 games. He scored only 4 points in 3 games. 

When Kim Seon-bin was left out, coach Kim Jong-guk appointed No. 9 Park Chan-ho as No. 2, Socrates No. 6, and Kim Gyu-seong No. 9 in the LG match on the 9th. However, cohesion did not survive. In the match against Lotte on the 11th, Hwang Dae-in was put up 6 times, but it ended with no hits. Even though he got 9 hits and 2 walks, he only scored 1 run.

Against left-handed pitcher Charlie Barnes, against left-handed pitcher Charlie Barnes, Lee Chang-jin was appointed 6 times and Hwang Dae-in was 7 against Lotte on the 13th, but no hits came. Kim Seon-bin was strong against Barnes with a score of 3.64. Moreover, he boasts a phenomenal 4.9 batting ability for a lefty pitcher this year. It can be seen that the structure of his batting line was disturbed when such Kim Seon-bin was left out. 

Kim Kyu-seong, who replaced Kim Seon-bin as second baseman, made a series of decisive defensive errors, causing wrinkles. Although Kim Kyu-seong’s defense is superior to Kim Sun-bin’s, he left behind regrets such as missing a double batted ball in a decisive crisis. Third baseman Lee Chang-jin, Kim Do-young shortstop, and Park Chan-ho second baseman were briefly activated, but Kim Do-young made an error and it was ineffective. 꽁머니사이트

If there are no problems, Kim Sun-bin is scheduled to return from the 18th. This week, he has to play without Kim Sun-bin until the 3rd match against the lowest ranked Kiwoom. KIA has the task of making up for the deficit again in this three-game series. In the end, it seems that minimizing Kim Sun-bin’s vacancy will determine the success or failure. 

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