Diving failure through Doosan… ‘Quevas + Park Young-hyeon + Kim Jae-yoon’ kt’s 1-0 new victory, 3 consecutive wins with the iron wall in front

 In 2019, the kt wiz one-two punch selection match was fierce. With both starting pitchers pitching 7 scoreless innings side by side, the win or loss was decided in the bullpen. KT, who laughed here, won three consecutive victories. Doosan fell into a three-game losing streak without seeing the effect of the bullpen position reorganization.

KT Wiz won a 1-0 victory against Doosan Bears in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 15th. After 2 deaths in the 8th inning, he kept the first point until the end and won 3 consecutive victories. With 54 wins, 2 draws and 45 losses, the win rate was 0.546, and they started chasing second place SSG Landers.

Starter William Cuevas blocked 7 innings without a run. Doosan starter Raul Alcantara also pitched 7 scoreless innings, and the score in the 8th became the final score. After two outs, kt created an opportunity with a double hit from the batting team, and then scored the finish line with Kim Min-hyuk’s timely hit. After that, Park Young-hyun and Kim Jae-yoon were put in to keep a 1-point lead.

It was a pitcher’s battle until the 7th inning. Cuevas pitched his first three innings with a perfect pitch. Alcantara fought hard with only one hit and no runs until the fifth inning.꽁머니사이트

Doosan created an opportunity to take the lead with an opponent’s mistake in the 4th inning. Leading hitter Sue-bin Su got on base with a bunt hit in front of the pitcher and advanced to third base when there was an error in check. Excellent scoring opportunity with 1st out and 3rd base. However, Doosan failed to score points here. Subin Jeong was caught while running home when José Rojas grounded first baseman.

In the 5th episode, the flow was cut off due to kt’s lake rain. In the 5th inning, lead batter Kim Jae-hwan’s hit ball was blocked by kt second baseman Lee Ho-yeon’s diving catch. After one run, Kim In-tae went to base with a left-handed hit, and Jang Seung-hyeon’s ground ball was caught by shortstop Kim Sang-soo on the second out and first base.

Doosan also tried to score in the 7th inning by going on base after two outs. Against Cuevas, who had no four balls, Kim Jae-hwan and Kim In-tae picked a walk in succession. Doosan Bench made a winning move by inserting pinch hitter Kang Seung-ho in Park Joon-yeong’s at-bat, but the result was a three-pitch strikeout.

kt, who overcame the crisis with defense, had to finish the attack in vain due to a failed operation after 2 deaths in the 6th inning. After two outs, Kim Min-hyeok and Lee Ho-yeon’s consecutive hits led to runners on 1st and 3rd. However, Hwang Jae-gyun’s double steal operation at bat failed.

When first base runner Lee Ho-yeon ran to second base, third base runner Kim Min-hyeok started running home, but Doosan catcher Jang Seung-hyeon first checked the movement of the third base runner after receiving the pitch. It was as if Kim Min-hyeok ran into the catcher who was holding the ball.

Kim Min-hyeok made up for his mistake in judgment in the next at-bat. After two outs in the 8th inning, Bae Jeong-dae became the scoring runner with a double that fell to the right of the right fielder. Then, Kim Min-hyeok hit a ball that fell in front of the center fielder. Doosan center fielder Jeong Su-bin bet on a diving catch here. However, the result hits. The batted ball fell back, leading to a long hit.

Kim Min-hyeok passed the third base and ran all the way to home as the third base coach signed and was out. Still, kt’s first priority was made. In the 8th inning, kt put Park Young-hyeon, the “King of the Hold,” while sending out second baseman Park Gyeong-soo and right fielder Song Min-seop to strengthen their defense. Park Young-hyeon ended the 8th inning with a tripartite withdrawal, and in the 9th inning, closer Kim Jae-yoon came out and kept a 1-point lead and added a save. 20 saves for the 6th consecutive year.

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