Ulsan, ahead of Hyundai Derby, total spectators ‘123,025 + average increase of 10,252’

The number of spectators proves everything. ‘Defending champion’ Ulsan Hyundai is close to breaking the record for the highest number of spectators in the season at ‘Hyundai Ga Derby’ with Jeonbuk Hyundai.메이저사이트

Ulsan will play a home game against Jeonbuk and Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 27 at Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 19th at 7:00 pm.

This is the 111th match in the league. Ulsan is one game behind Jeonbuk in the past with 40 wins, 29 draws and 41 losses in 110 matches. This time, if you sound the victory key in the home room, you will be tied in the record and you can shake off the chase.

Ulsan has competed for the championship in recent years, forming a rivalry with Jeonbuk. In the 2022 season, the second season of manager Hong Myung-bo’s appointment, he finally reached the top of the league. This season, they are cruising toward their second consecutive victory, running an overwhelming lead. Fans armed with ‘blue’ are also sending enthusiastic cheers for every game to make the tiger’s den a tomb for the visiting team.

Cloud spectators are flocking to every game.

A total of 74,513 spectators entered the 2022 season Ulsan played 12 home games after the opening. The average was 6,209. In the 2023 season, 197,538 people visited the tiger’s den. An average of 16,461 people filled the stands per game. Compared to the previous season, the total number of spectators was 123,025, and the average spectator was also 10,252, all of which rose significantly.

In particular, Hyundai Garderby is the K-League’s greatest hit product. In the home game against Jeonbuk in the 2022 season, 13,192 people achieved the largest number of spectators during the period (12 home games). I played the opening game against Jeonbuk in the 2023 season, and at that time, 28,039 people visited the tiger’s den. This is the record for the largest number of spectators in Ulsan this season. 

Ulsan is recording 1 win and 1 loss this season against Jeonbuk. On February 25, I tasted a thrilling come-from-behind victory 2-1 in the home room. On the road on 3 June, they lost 0-2. The heat is heating up ahead of the third confrontation. 

Following membership pre-sale on Monday the 14th, general reservations were opened on Wednesday the 16th. At 1:00 pm, an hour after the reservation started, the first and second floors filled up in an instant, and two hours later, at 2:00 pm, the total number of reserved seats reached 24,400. Given that it is three days before the game, more fans are expected to find the Big Crown.

Ulsan’s home crowd record breaking is imminent.

■ Ulsan Hyundai 2022 season vs. 2023 season home game crowd comparison (based on 12 games)

– Number of spectators for 12 league games in 2022 season: 74,513 (average 6,209)

– Number of spectators for 12 league games in 2023 season: 197,538 (average) 16,461)

* Total number of spectators increased by 123,025 compared to the same period

* Average spectators increased by 10,252 compared to the same period

■ Ratio of spectators and uniforms for Ulsan Hyundai 2022 season (based on 12 home games after the opening)-

– February 20th Sangmu Kim Cheon (4,673 spectators, no count of spectators in uniforms)

– March 1st Suwon FC (5,260 spectators, 920 spectators in uniforms (17%))

– March 11th FC Seoul (spectators 3.452 spectators, 756 spectators in uniforms (22%))

– March 27 Pohang Steelers (6.552 spectators, spectators in uniforms 1,328 spectators (20%))

– April 9 Daegu FC (6.759 spectators, spectators in uniforms) 1,470 (22%))

– May 14th Incheon United (8.351 spectators, 2,353 spectators entering the uniform (27%))

– May 18th Jeju United (4.293 spectators, 880 spectators entering the uniform (20%)) )

– June 19 Jeonbuk Hyundai (13,192 spectators, 3,475 spectators entering uniforms (26%))

– June 26 Seongnam FC (5,483 spectators, 1,244 spectators entering uniforms (23%))

– July 5 Gangwon FC (3,344 spectators, uniforms 659 spectators (20%))

– July 16 Suwon Samsung (6,202 spectators, uniform spectators 1,530 spectators (25%))

– July 30 Gangwon FC (spectators 6,952 spectators) , Uniform spectators 1,685 (24%))

■ Ulsan Hyundai 2023 season spectators and uniform spectators ratio

– February 25 Jeonbuk Hyundai ( spectators 28,039 spectators, uniform spectators 2,320 spectators (8%)) 

– March 19th Suwon FC (15,230 spectators, 2,422 spectators entering uniforms (16%))

– April 8th Suwon Samsung (15,181 spectators, 2,798 spectators entering uniforms (18.4%))

– April 22nd Pohang Steelers (16,761 spectators, 3,512 spectators in uniforms (21%))

– April 30 Gwangju FC (12,068 spectators, 3,045 spectators (25%) in uniforms)

– May 9 Gangwon FC (5,318 spectators, 3,045 spectators (25%)) Uniform crowd 1,297 (24.3%))

– May 14 FC Seoul (26,004 spectators, uniform spectators 4,856 spectators (18.6%))

– May 28 Daejeon Hana Citizen (17,251 spectators, uniform spectators 2,618 spectators) (15%))

– June 10 Jeju United (20,190 spectators, 2,875 spectators entering uniforms (14%))

– June 24 Daegu FC (20,070 spectators, 4,064 spectators entering uniforms (20%))

– 7 March 12th Incheon United (8,353 spectators, 2,976 spectators entering uniforms (35.6%))

– July 21st Jeju United (13,073 spectators, 4,736 spectators entering uniforms (36.2%))

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