Ohtani no deal, spectacular failure” Angels will not be able to offer $ 600 million… I regretted leaving the bus

If I had traded Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels).”

It was evaluated that the Los Angeles Angels’ withdrawal of Ohtani from the market at the trade deadline would leave aftereffects for years to come. According to the American media, the Angels did not have any intention of trading Ohtani, but they decided to keep it and went all-in this season.메이저놀이터

Rather, the Angels took on the role of a buyer and recruited Lucas Giolito, Reinaldo Lopez, CJ Kron, and Randall Grichick to develop their dream of the postseason. However, the Angels fell into a long losing streak in the second half and lost momentum. Basically, there are many evaluations that the absence of Mike Trout is great.

The Angels are 61-64, 6th in the American League wild card race. They are eight games behind the third-place Seattle Mariners. The season is about a month away, but realistically, it seems difficult to overcome this gap. A typical pattern follows, with Ohtani hitting the drums and drums, and the Angels failing.

On the 20th (hereinafter Korean time), Bleacher Report threw one assumption in the past to 30 major league clubs. As for the Angels, I wondered what would have happened had they traded Ohtani. At least, he would have set the foundation for rebuilding by acquiring the best prospect package.

“The Angels have lost 14 of 20 players this season,” said Bleacher Report. The successive failures were spectacular. Not trading Ohtani for a mass acquisition looks like a move that could have consequences for years to come.”

The Angels are unlikely to be able to play fall baseball this season. And in the 2023-2024 free agent market, there is a high possibility of parting with Ohtani. For the Angels, the day is coming when the worst will become a reality, losing both crabs and guts. Even though I regret it, the bus has already left.

Bleacher Report made this prediction because it was based on the premise that the Angels had no chance of capturing Ohtani in the free agent market. There is also a point of view that the Angels cannot be ignored. However, will Ohtani, who feels that the Angels are an unbeatable team, try to join hands with the Angels again? In the end, Ohtani is highly likely to go to the Los Angeles Dodgers this winter through a contract worth at least $600 million.

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