This is why all directors like ‘Leader Lee Chung-yong’

 I guess that’s why many directors like ‘Leader Lee Chung-yong’.

‘Veteran midfielder’ Lee Chung-yong proved his worth by playing the role of the key to a turnaround for Ulsan, which fell into a swamp of sluggishness. He was replaced by Lee Dong-kyung in the 25th minute of the second half when Jeonbuk Hyundai and Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 27th round ‘Hyundai Derby’ confronted 0-0 at Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 19th.

Lee Cheong-yong, who plays the role of a ‘game changer’ in Ulsan, showed off his presence within one minute of being put in. When Jeonbuk went on the attack, he cut off the ball near the half line. And while Martin Adam was on the opponent’s back, he quickly took the ball again and dug into the opponent’s camp. After reading Uhm Won-sang’s movement, Lee Chung-yong, who was hiding behind Jeonbuk’s defense, put in a through pass.

It’s not just a through pass. Not only Um Won-sang’s speed, but also Lee Chung-yong’s calculations, which instantly read the opponent’s defender’s style, were evident. He stole a pass behind Jeonbuk’s 2m tall defender Petracek (Czech Republic) who was standing on the left as Um Won-sang dug into the right. Petrasek has a threatening physicality, but has a weakness in the cover of a speedy striker who digs into the back space. Um Won-sang had to move to the left and win the ball, but Lee Chung-yong believed in his speed and aimed at Petrasek’s weakness at the same time. As intended, Um Won-sang won the ball and scored.

Ulsan, which continued its solo run this season, stagnated with just one win (one draw and three losses) in five games until just before. If Jeonbuk and the rivals lose, they could fall into a long-term stagnation. However, in such a big game, the experienced Lee Chung-yong saved the team with a flashy pass that ‘made the difference’.

In particular, at the end of the second half, Lee Cheong-yong took the lead in fighting spirit while engaging in a war of nerves when Jeonbuk pushed his teammates roughly. During a game, when an immediate situation arises with an opponent, he mediates with a soft smile or responds with a strong response, depending on the flow. It was a rival match that day, and Jeonbuk, who was one goal behind, responded strongly, so he also counterattacked and induced his teammate not to sink.

Lee Chung-yong won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) last year as he contributed to Ulsan winning the K-League 1 championship in 17 years with the captain’s armband.온라인바카라

Born in 1988, he is in his twilight years as a player, and he played 25 league games this season, but was only selected twice. However, with the determination to do his part at the given time, he is acting as a game changer by entering as a substitute in the second half.

The K-League revenge leader said, “No matter how old a player is, it is not easy for a player with a career like Lee Cheong-yong to accept and play as a substitute, not a starting agent. In addition to his performance, his role is very important in helping Ulsan move toward a unified goal, regardless of whether it is a starting or a non-starting game.”

It was worth feeling the value of Lee Chung-yong again through the Jeonbuk match.

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