Unlucky’ to cancel the goal twice… Director Lee Young-min, “It would have been nice if we had won, but it would have a good effect”

Director Lee Young-min found a positive part even in a situation where luck did not follow.

Bucheon FC drew 2-2 with Seongnam FC in the 27th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex at 7:00 pm on the 21st. Bucheon, who earned one point, remained in 6th place in the league.

The power to follow was great. At the end of the first half, Bucheon allowed Chris the opening goal, and at the start of the second half, Ahn Jae-joon was put in to change the offense. Ahn Jae-Jun lived up to manager Lee Young-Min’s trust by scoring the equalizer in the 14th minute. Bucheon gave Seongnam the lead again in the middle of the second half, but Lee Ui-hyung’s equalizer in the extra time of the second half balanced the game.바카라

There were also parts that were regrettable. On this day, Lupeta shook the net twice, but both goals were nullified by VAR. It was quite disappointing for Bucheon, who was able to win a come-from-behind victory.

After the game, coach Lee Young-min said, “The players did not give up in difficult situations and followed until the tie. It would have been nice if we had won today, but I think these parts will have a good effect on the remaining games.”

[Hereinafter, coach Lee Young-min’s press conference Q&A] In a


situation, the players did not give up and followed until the tie. It would have been nice if we had won today, but I think these parts will have a good effect on the remaining matches.

Success of the replacement card. what instructions did you give

Rather than giving special instructions, I think the players performed well in what we did during training. I think all the scenes are scenes from training.

Rupeta’s goal was cancelled, and

I was exhausted from the first half. He asked to stick strong when fighting opponents a little longer. I think the second half is what Lupeta looks like. I can’t help it if I don’t score unfortunately like today, but I have to come out like this. I want to say that I want to be more active than comforting.

There are times when players who lose points

come out passively. I think I ordered him to actively lead and enjoy the game.

The effect of Ahn Jae-joon’s existence on the team

Jae-jun (Ahn) came to our team at a young age and has been in his third year. He can also be utilized as an under-22 card, and he serves as the team’s ace. I think Jaejoon has a lot of weight in his team. He might struggle in September if he gets picked for the Asian Games. Still, I think other players such as Lupeta and (Kim) Bo-yong can sufficiently replace Jae-joon.

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