Performance improved in the changed tactics, but… Gangwon FC still has problems with decision making

 Professional soccer Gangwon FC is being evaluated for its remarkable performance after the appointment of Yoon Jeong-hwan as coach. However, it is a real situation that can’t bring the most important results, but it still stays in the ‘lowest place’ and can’t escape from the relegation crisis. The process of making it to the inside of the penalty box is good, but in the end, the problem is ‘goal decision’.

Gangwon is showing good performance amidst a change in tactics under manager Yoon, who took office midway through last June. The biggest change is that the transition from defense to attack has become more flexible than before. After changing from the existing back-three formation to the back-four formation, the main evaluation is that it caught both speed and accuracy. While increasing the number of attacks in the front, it also creates many threatening opportunities.

In fact, coach Yoon maintains the same big frame of the ‘defense first, then counterattack’ pattern like former coach Choi Yong-soo, but emphasizes faster and more accurate development. He also fine-tuned the movements of the attackers and made them go near the opponent’s goal in an instant based on simplicity such as one-touch passes.

According to ‘Bpro Eleven’, the K-League’s official supplementary data provider, after Yoon took office, Gangwon averaged 11.2 shots and 3.7 shots on target in 10 games, 6.1 key passes, 1.9 successful breakthroughs, and forward pass success rate. He recorded a 66.36% passing success rate in the offensive zone, 77.25% passing success rate, and a 25.9% cross success rate.

On the other hand, in 18 games as former coach, Gangwon recorded an average of 8.72 shots, 2.28 shots on target, 4.83 key passes, 2.06 successful penetrations, 61.67% forward pass success rate, 75.74% pass success rate in the offensive area, and 18.22% cross success rate. After replacing the command tower, most of the attack-related stats have improved.카지노

However, no matter how good the offensive work is, in the end, soccer is a ‘goal fight’. If you don’t score, it’s of no use. Gangwon is just like that now. The process of linking the ball to the penalty box is good. But that’s it. Still, even after coach Yoon took office, the problem of ‘goal decision’ has not been resolved and the score has not been scored.

However, the problem of ‘goal decision’ is outside the realm of coach Yoon. It is the manager’s role to plan tactics to get the ball to the opponent’s gate, and the situation after that is purely up to the striker. In this regard, Gangwon has hope of escaping from the relegation zone only when the attackers for the rest of the season solve the problem of ‘goal decision’ and make a clear finish.

Director Yoon also said, “The ball connects well until the opponent’s gate. However, in front of that, the players’ ‘goal decision’ is still lacking,” he expressed regret, saying, “I am grateful to the players for doing their best until the end, but now it is a situation where results have to be produced. He emphasized that there should be more calm and detailed play in the box.”

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