Incheon Kim Dong-heon, “I made a mistake in judgment. I’m sorry… We won the next home game without conceding a goal.”

Incheon United goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon shared his thoughts with a heavy heart.

Incheon United lost 0-2 to Pohang Steelers in the 29th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Incheon Soccer Stadium at 7 pm on the 2nd. As a result, Incheon remained in 7th place with 10 wins, 10 draws, and 9 losses (40 points).

The penalty kick (PK) conceded was painful. In the 16th minute of the second half, Zeka succeeded in competing in the midfield area and then threw an exquisite through ball toward the infiltrating Kim Seung-dae. At this time, goalkeepers Kim Seung-dae and Kim Dong-heon collided inside the penalty box. The referee immediately declared PK, and Zeka stepped in as the kicker.

An interesting situation occurred. A ‘snowball fight’ battle of nerves broke out between goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon and kicker Jeka. The two glared strongly at each other for a while without avoiding each other’s eyes. Afterwards, the kick signal was called, and Jeka made a hopping motion and succeeded in the bottom left corner.

Afterwards, the second PK came out. In the 39th minute of the second half, Ha Chang-rae’s header hit Cheon Seong-hoon’s arm during Pohang’s corner kick. The referee declared PK after an on-field review. Wandelsohn appeared as the kicker, but this was after Zeka was replaced. The kick was slightly deviated from the center to the left and went into the net.

After the game ended, I met Kim Dong-heon in the mixed zone. First, in his thoughts on the game, he said, “It was a game I really wanted to win today, and it was an important game to advance to the top. I was complacent and made a mistake in judgment. Everyone played hard, but the flow was over, and I am very disappointed that we were not able to get the result of the game.”

When asked to reproduce the first PK scene, he responded, “The ball came in through a through pass, and Seung-Dae Kim thought he could control the ball. As he missed it, he was momentarily late to catch up. That’s why I gave up a foul.”

The snowball fight with Jecca was impressive. Regarding this, “I tried to have a psychological battle. At first, I thought he wouldn’t look at me, but he kept looking at me. Even when I went to the goal, Zeka wasn’t ready. So I thought, ‘What is this?’ and then I prepared without thinking about it.” informed.

They probably wanted to prevent the second PK. However, the goal was conceded. Kim Dong-heon expressed his regret, saying, “I think that’s why I thought more. I lost my timing to Jeka for the first one. I think the second one was also difficult because I couldn’t get the timing right.”

I changed the topic. We are now entering the September international break. When asked what part he would prepare for, he said, “Although there was a bit left in the game, the team atmosphere and flow don’t seem to be bad. We need to rest and prepare well so that we don’t sag or fall down just because we lost one game today. We will return from Jeju’s home game and the Asian Championship qualifiers. “We will prepare hard to bring it,” he said.

Incheon was grouped with Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan), Shandong Taishan (China), and Kaya FC-Iloilo (Philippines) in the Asian Champions League. What team are you looking forward to facing? Kim Dong-heon said, “Still, the Japanese team has the best skill, so I’m most looking forward to playing against Yokohama. There’s no guarantee that we’ll just lose, and our tactics may work. I think it’s a team worth trying because there are many good players in the club.” explained.

The prevailing assessment is that Incheon entered a difficult group. However, Kim Dong-heon showed confidence, saying, “I thought it would be worth doing rather than being difficult.”온라인바카라

Kim Dong-heon will enlist as a Gimcheon managing director on December 4th. Accordingly, he will not be able to play from the 6th match of the Asian Champions League group stage. However, the league and FA Cup schedules will end before then. Regarding this, “I feel regretful, but I want to help as much as I can. My goal is to join the league, FA Cup, and Asian Championship in a good situation. After advancing to Final A, I placed in the top three and will play in the Asian competition next season. “I hope we advance. Now we have to go through the Asian Championship preliminaries, and if we get to Final A, we can go all in. In the preliminaries, we want to place first and second in our group. We also want to win the FA Cup, so we will work hard,” he said.

Lastly, “I’m sorry to the fans today. It’s been a long time since 10,000 spectators came. I’m sorry that we couldn’t get a result despite it being a home game. I’ll do my best to achieve a scoreless win in the next home game. I feel really reassured by the presence of so many fans. “Incheon fans are the best not only in the K-League but also in the world. Thanks to their support during the game, I gained a lot of strength. That’s why I can protect the goal well,” he said, expressing his regret and gratitude.

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