‘5th place and 3G difference’ Doosan’s hell schedule, the direction of fall baseball depends on the fateful ‘KIA 3-game series’

What I had feared turned out to be a reality. Last weekend, two of the three consecutive games were canceled due to rain, and Doosan continued its nine-game series of hell.

After playing an away game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 3rd, Doosan stayed in Busan for one more day without going to Seoul. This is because the game that was canceled due to rain was scheduled for the 4th. First starter Raul Alcantara took the mound, but was unable to overcome the 4-point gap given in the first inning and suffered a painful loss of 3-4.

6th place Doosan, whose win/loss margin disappeared with 55 wins, 55 losses, and 1 draw, became 3 games behind the 5th place NC Dinos. The result of the seven-game series that will continue in Jamsil has become more important.

Playing seven games in Jamsil without moving is a blessing in disguise, but it inevitably comes with physical concerns. A double header with Samsung is scheduled for the 9th. It is even a forced march, starting with a matinee game at 2 p.m. after playing the game at 6:30 p.m. the previous day.

However, if you survive this period well, you can look forward to fall baseball. What is especially important is the fateful three-game series against the KIA Tigers that will begin today.

KIA is also one of the teams worried about the remaining schedule. With 56 wins, 50 losses, and 2 draws, they are ranked 4th without a win over NC, but the problem is that they have to handle a busier schedule than anyone else for the remainder of the season due to the most rain cancellations. With 108 games played, 36 games remain, the most among the 10 teams.

It is an important match for both teams. If Doosan sweeps the three-game series, the ranking could be greatly shaken. Even if they win 3 times in a row, they cannot immediately change the rankings, but since they can erase all wins, they can rise to a position where they can turn things around at the end of the season.

The importance of the selection match-up increases even more. Doosan will have Choi Won-jun as the starter, while KIA will have Hwang Dong-ha. Choi Won-jun, who was active as Doosan’s native ace, is not easy to gain the upper hand when looking at his performance this season. He performed poorly with 2 wins, 9 losses, and an earned run average (ERA) of 5.34 in 21 games, so he moved to the bullpen and then got a chance to start again. On the other hand, Hwang Dong-ha, who debuted this season, has 2 losses and an ERA of 5.29 in 9 games. He mainly plays in relief, but today he becomes a starter for the second time this season.

In terms of team atmosphere, KIA is definitely ahead. They had an exciting 8-game winning streak and soon rose to 4th place. Their strength is their frightening firepower, which allowed them to score 68 points during this period, or more than 8 points per game.바카라사이트

For Doosan, the key is to put KIA’s powerful firepower to rest. Doosan, which has already used a foreign one-two punch, must use Choi Won-jun, Kwak Bin, Kim Dong-ju, or Kim Min-gyu to counter KIA.

One thing that is hopeful is that they have an advantage over KIA this season with 7 wins and 3 losses. However, if KIA’s rising batting line is not easily blocked, it could lead to a big blow in the 7th consecutive game in Jamsil. It is no exaggeration to say that the absolute direction of this nine-game series depends on the performance of pitching ability.

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