‘Red light for Paris’ Hwang Seon-hong, Kyrgyzstan must be caught

 Can the Korean men’s Olympic soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong get the green light to go to Paris? Kyrgyzstan must be captured to turn the situation around.

Hwang Seon-hong will play against Kyrgyzstan in the second match of Group B of the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Under-23 Asian Cup Preliminary at the Changwon Football Center at 8 p.m. on the 9th.

A total of 16 teams, including the first place team in each of the 11 groups in this preliminary round, the top four teams in the second place in each group, and the host country Qatar, will advance to the U-23 Asian Cup finals to be held in April and May next year. The finals will also serve as the final qualifiers for the Asian region for next year’s Paris Olympics.

The top three teams in the finals advance directly to the Paris Olympics, and the fourth-place team must compete in a playoff against the fourth-place team in the final African qualifying round to advance to the finals.

Korea is off to a bad start. Hwang Seon-hong lost 0-2 in the first game against Qatar on the 6th. Since Qatar is the host country for the finals, the match is considered a friendly match and is not counted in the preliminary rankings.

However, considering Korea’s strength and the advantage of being held at home, an easy victory was expected for Korea, but they lost without scoring a single goal. Both the process and the results were not good, so the atmosphere was depressed. A red light came on on the way to Paris.카지노

We need to not only win the game against Kyrgyzstan, but also regain performance worthy of an Asian powerhouse. Not only do we need to make up for the defensive instability and pointless goalkeeper mistakes that were exposed in the Qatar match, but we also need to focus on shaking up the opponent’s net.

The biggest problem was that the ball was not delivered properly into the opponent’s box. Although the number of shots was not high, there were few cases that led to good scoring opportunities. Fortunately, in the game against Kyrgyzstan, overseas players Hyuk-gyu Kwon (Celtic) and Jeong Sang-bin (Minnesota), who can solve this problem, are expected to appear and make up for the shortcomings.

A total of three overseas players were included in this Hwang Seon-Hong team, but only Hyun-Joo Lee (Wiesbaden) played in the first match against Qatar. Kwon Hyuk-gyu and Jeong Sang-bin were delayed due to physical condition issues after joining the team.

If midfielder Kwon Hyuk-gyu moves the ball forward and quick-footed Jeong Sang-bin shakes up the opponent’s defense, there will likely be more goal chances against Kyrgyzstan. If the overseas players move well according to theory, there is a high possibility that Um Ji-seong and Heo Yul (Gwangju FC), who were silent in the first game, will also show off their light movements.

Kyrgyzstan drew 1-1 with Myanmar in the first match. It is expected that the team will use a strategy of counterattacking after losing players, and if they attack the back space well, Hwang Seon-hong’s goal of making history by advancing to the Olympic finals for the 10th consecutive time may become a reality.

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